What summer drinks are useful and help to lose weight

stevia – is grass, which is an excellent substitute for sugar. It’s much sweeter and more low-calorie, so will complement any drink. Stevia is sold in liquid or powder form. Adds it to the water, citric, ginger tea and other beverages.

This spicy drink in addition to its excellent taste qualities has also low calorie. It does not contain any sugar, no soy, no lactose, almond milk can all safely get better or get an allergic reaction from lactose.

In the heat of one of the most popular drinks – lemonade. But lemonade out of the store contains a lot of chemistry, waste gas and excess sugar. Make this drink yourself out of lemons and a small amount of sugar, and better – Stevia. Add a little mint, and you’ll get a useful delicious diet drink.

Low-fat yogurt – beautiful drink in the heat. You can drink it in its pure form, but you can make him a vitamin yogurt with fresh berries. Just grind raspberries, blueberries, strawberries or blackberries through a sieve and mixed with yogurt.

Watermelon – beautiful berry for those, who wants to lose weight, and for those, who just want to take a refreshing dip in the summer heat. You can cook the juice of watermelon wonderful low-calorie shakes or drink it in its pure form. He will also help to strengthen health, cleanse the kidneys inormalizirovat the cardiovascular system.

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