What is unleavened diet

Bezdrozhzhevaya diets: health effect

A common reason for the popularity unleavened diet – myths about the dangers of leavened bread. Today, commercially available special unleavened bread, which the, true, sometimes baked, not without the use of these unicellular fungi. However, absolutely and perfectly unleavened bread is quite possible to find, that’s just abuse it is not recommended.

In general, yeast is sometimes mistakenly considered unhealthy foods, because they relate to mushrooms. Some species of these fungi are even conditionally pathogenic organisms, although, of course, those yeast, which are used for the preparation of food, can not be the cause of fungal diseases.

Unleavened diet for ideological reasons, practice some vegetarians. Unleavened diet sometimes used as a national method in the treatment of autistic children in order to facilitate the course of disease. However, in this case, the use of it in no way confirmed.

Bezdrozhzhevaya diets: no yeast – no kilograms?

Considered by many, yeast contribute to weight gain. Many people drink a special beer yeast on doctor’s advice or friends, who managed to gain a few pounds because of this food additive. true, the desired effect is not always achieved: it happens, Course brewer’s yeast have finished, and kilograms and has not increased. Besides, everybody knows, it is easy to recover from abuse bakery, and the lush buns, as is known, baked yeast. Respectively, at first glance, it is logical to assume, unleavened diet that will promote weight loss and, removing from the diet of all improper products, you can easily achieve harmony and elegance.

Really, unleavened diet should contribute to weight loss. After all, in what products usually contain these unicellular fungi? Bread, beer, sauces and seasonings. the, who seek to lose weight, in any case will not eat such foods. Rejection of them would be a contribution to the improvement of the figure. At the same time it should be remembered, that individually painted nutritionist by day and unleavened foods diet does not exist – you can just give up eating related products. This will be the unleavened diet.

Bezdrozhzhevaya diets: from what should be abandoned?

Unleavened diet implies the rejection of a number of products. First of all we are talking about such common on our table products:

  • Bread and bakery products (yeast affect the taste and smell of bread);
  • wine (yeast determine the taste and aroma of wine);
  • beer (distinguish brewer’s yeast upstream and downstream fermentation);
  • kvass (in addition to these fungi, in the production of kvass used lactic acid bacteria);
  • tea mushroom (Association of fungi and acetic acid bacteria);
  • xylitol (sugar substitute);
  • in fact, any yeast, including dry, which are used for a variety of baking goodies.

Unleavened diet is not too difficult, is not it? Difficulties may only cause rejection of bread, which will be easier to bear because of the existence of the aforementioned bread. A waiver of alcoholic beverages, especially beer, – generally useful thing, and many doctors recommended. By the way, it suffered even known deboshirka Kate Moss, which at one time I was sitting on a diet of unleavened. Also about, that is unleavened diet, He knows firsthand Hollywood star Andie MacDowell.

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