Zonalnaya diets

carbohydrates – Carbohydrates are our main source of energy. Due to the complex and simple carbohydrates, we have energy for life, we feel refreshed and full of energy people. Due to lack of carbohydrates the brain work more difficult, we become distracted, sluggish, It appears apathy.

proteins – proteins is that of which we are made, including internal organs, bone, muscle tissue, etc.. Namely proteins do not allow us to overcome infections, in particular they form a strong immune system. Protein allows vitamins and minerals completely synthesized in the body.

fats – Fats are not only a source of energy. Fat is a warm & quot; a quilt" our body, it protects us from the cold, and internal organs from injury. The fats rich in vitamins. These are vitamins A, D, E, TO. Thereby, Our skin is always soft and smooth.

  • breakfast: natural coffee cup, 50 g. boiled beef, 1 glass oatmeal diluted with hot water, 1 tablespoon of almond;
  • dinner: 200 g. chicken deep-fried, 1 tomato and 2 salad leaves, a piece of hard cheese, half an apple, 50 g. walnuts;
  • afternoon snack: green pea, 200 g. & Quot; tofu" and beans, cooked in vegetable oil;
  • dinner: 200 g. chicken boiled meat, a slice of lemon, spinach with olive oil, 150 g. strawberries;
  • for two hours to CH: 100 g. vegetable cheese, 1 peach, olives.
  • improving mental ability. This is because, that you will maintain a stable blood sugar level;
  • in muscle cells will get more oxygen, which means, what physical activity is provided to you;
  • you will notice, that already across 5 days lose two or even three kilos;
  • during the day between meals you You will not have uncomfortable feeling hunger.
  • if you decide to stick to the Zone diet, the first week of closer calculator you will be nothing. You will have to accurately calculate the amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats;
  • zonalnaya diets not a balanced diet, so you have to take an additional multivitamin;
  • zonalnaya diets kovarna. If you stop to do the math and consider the consumption of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, it quickly will gain the old weight. In this Zone diet is no different from other diets.
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