Why not help diet

What to do, if such a conflict is, and he is the cause of excess weight? realize it. This – the first step. Once the cause of the problem becomes apparent, it is important to find ways to resolve it. for example, ascertaining, lose weight that does not fear, start to get rid of him. Once a person gets rid of the psychological reasons, the mind is no longer necessary to program the body to excess weight!

Of course, there may be a reasonable question: Is the human psyche can manage so different, including physiological processes in man? Well: if the mind should be – people will lose weight, it is not necessary – will not? The answer is clear: Yes.

The human mind can work wonders: it can cure a person from a serious illness or get sick, to extract some benefit; it can make it thick, protecting it from serious internal contradictions, or remove the extra kilos, once a person is psychologically ready for this.

therefore, returning to the diet, We need a very good understanding: If for some strange reason, we can not lose weight, If the diet does not help, the, probably, we ourselves, rather, our unconscious, do not let us lose weight. For some reason he, unconscious, profitably, that we were thick, We went with shortness of breath and ashamed of his appearance. probably, some very deep meaning lies in the fact, that we remained so, as it is.

comes, unconscious – our enemy? by no means. unconscious – our friend, because it, the computer, computes, how we “profitable” It is currently, choosing, as the saying goes, “lesser of two evils”

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