Why can not I lose weight: Top 4 Reasons

The mental state of human well, how to work out in the gym and the elimination of certain foods menu, It has a huge impact on weight loss. therefore, if you see, that the scales inexplicably froze, make sure, that weight loss is not sabotaging mental blocks. Consider the most common:

You aktsentiruesh focus only on the negative aspects

If you always criticize their appearance, food choices and lifestyle, which you lead, it only hinders your ability to succeed. According to psychologist Kelly McGonigal, If you focus on self-criticism, you will generate negative. Instead of, to oppress yourself, begin to treat yourself with kindness, and also pay more attention to what, What do you want to do and what results achieved.

You can not submit a new self

women, who struggled with excess weight is hard to imagine yourself slim for years, more attractive and healthy. However, in order to achieve real results you need to feel confident in their ability to achieve results, and create in your imagination inspirational images updated itself.

You’re too focused on the figure

You should not focus on numbers, that you see on the scale, After all, if your weight is far from perfect, every time you will only get upset. In order not to feel a sense of anxiety, if the weight is reduced by slow pace, Concentrate on the sensations. If the old clothes became a little big on you, or you feel a bit more energetic during the day, know, it is the result of your efforts and your little victory. When you are aware of your achievements, It triggered a domino effect on the positive and you will want to do more, to get better.

Thou art in a state of stress

In Slovenia coach Julie Barrett, losing weight comes down to one – stress management. When we are under stress, our bodies produce excessive amounts of the hormone cortisol, which reduces the ability to burn fat. Even habits, apparently healthy, may interfere with your body to lose weight.

It should be remembered, that if you are training too hard or think every morsel of food, that you eat, it will do more harm, than good. Do everything possible, to find a balance in the choice of products, exercise regularly, but do not forget that, that between training sessions should take place a sufficient amount of time, time to recover to the body. If you adhere to these recommendations, then the result will not take long.

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