white diet

This technique provides the freedom to choose losing weight. You can observe it 3 day or 7 days. it is recommended not to repeat the diet before, than a couple of weeks.

What is the basis of the white diet menus? This white products:

In a small number can have and the dried wheat bread. But any citrus and sour berries and fruit – prohibited. all because, the acid with dairy products interact poorly.

Consider diet menu, which is designed to 3 day. It is a mandatory condition for fluid intake of at least 2 l. Prohibited the use of salt and sugar.

For breakfast you can eat two crackers, low-fat cottage cheese and a glass of mineral water without gas.

For lunch eat a boiled chicken, Add his portion of rice and vegetable salad. Drink green tea.

Dine permitted yogurt and white fruit. Before going to bed you can drink a glass of warm skim milk.

Breakfast should consist of 100 g cheese, toast and a cup of yogurt. You can afford a couple of boiled potatoes.

At lunch Pamper yourself boiled white beans, a couple of boiled eggs, vegetable salad and a glass of mineral water.

Dinner should consist of white fruit and a serving of yogurt.

Prepare a breakfast omelet protein steam, Green coffee and toast.

For lunch, make soup with white beans, Make a vegetable salad and drink green tea.

For dinner, allowed to eat cabbage salad and a piece of fish boiled.

The course lasted for six weeks, during the course I can in no way restrict any food, any lifestyle. Results surprised not only me, but my husband. I lost 10 kg! I recommend to all!

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