Which foods prevent lose weight

Honey and sugar contain the same high levels of glucose. However, honey is denser substance, and thus in one tablespoon actually contains more calories, than the same sized spoonful of sugar. therefore, if you are very lean on honey, you will get better, as well as other sweets.

Scientists from the University of Iowa found, that salad dressing with low-fat reduces its favor. And vice versa, salad, dressed with olive or a small amount of butter, increase the body’s absorption of nutrients and vitamins from vegetables.

researches show, what people, who eat cereal for breakfast, usually, slimmer, than those, who choose breakfast cereals. Wrong choice of breakfast foods can have an effect, if you eat a slice of cake. After some breakfast cereals are high in sugar and fat, so Always read the label.

Although in recent years and urged to prefer skim milk, results of surveys show, that whole milk – still the best choice. After all, even if we consider the fat on 100 ml, the difference between the whole and low-fat will not be such a significant. However, skim milk is less nutritious and useful, than whole, which speeds up the metabolism, helping to burn more calories, as well as reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

cooking vegetables, is believed, kills vitamins and minerals, however, studies have shown, that some may be destroyed during cooking, but not all vitamins, but when cooked increases absorption of nutrients by the body, fighting diseases – antioxidants. So, according to the work, conducted in 2008 year, such vegetables, like carrots, spinach, mushrooms, asparagus, cabbage and peppers supply more antioxidants into the body when cooked, than raw. As pointed out by experts, it is best to use a double boiler or cook the vegetables over low heat, but frying retains the least amount of vitamins and minerals.

experts believe, that diet drinks may actually frustrate weight loss. they are insidious, artificial sweeteners because the taste buds can convince them, they consume sugar, but the brain is not so easy to deceive. Therefore, you can during the day to feel hungry and eat more, that probably will lead to weight gain, than to reduce it.

Look, what are the ways of cutting vegetables in the kitchen:

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