Smuzi – a good alternative to vegetable salads and fruit desserts. Delicious, variety, allowing fantasize puree can be simultaneously and salad, and soup, and sweet. Chopped in a blender, their crude vegetable fibers better digested, but it does not lose its beneficial properties – increases peristalsis. But if you want to lose weight with the help of smoothies, do not forget some important rules.

1. Discard the finished smoothie – they usually, a lot of sugar.

2. As ingredients of smoothies, home cooking, do not use sugar, sweet juices, ice cream, milk – only low-fat yogurt or yogurt. You can muesli, but without nuts, raisins and chocolate.

3. Do not eat just smoothies, between meals. This is a full meal, so you need to have a smoothie for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

4. Try to still chew smoothies, and not to swallow in one gulp.

For fruit smoothies choose less high-calorie fruit – apples, Kiwi, plums, apricots – or berries. Discard the banana, although it is believed, that they should be present in a smoothie as a dense base.

vegetable smoothies Try to salt less, better use of seaweed powder (you can buy in a drugstore dried and grind in a coffee grinder). She will give a salty taste and enrich your diet with iodine.

And of course, Smoothies Diet should not be total. It can and should be supplemented with boiled or roasted lean meats and fish, low-fat cheese and curd, nuts, occasionally – porridge on the water.

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