morning fasting: a piece of sugar

through hours: a piece of bread

Across 2 o’clock: 20 g bread + butter + 30 g cheese with tomato.

Across 2 o’clock: 1 a banana or an apple.

Across 2 o’clock: 80 g of meat or fish, or 1 egg + 1 kartofelina or 1 tbsp rice + any vegetables (no beans).

Across 2 o’clock: 2 a piece of chocolate

Across 2 o’clock: 1 a glass of buttermilk (200 ml)

Across 2 o’clock: slightly acidic fruits.

These people show start the day with the fat portions. Ideally – teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil. However, any suit vegetable oil. It can neither drink, no jam. If the feeling of hunger will, you can drink a cup of green tea, but not before, than an hour. People of this type are in need of fruit. Vitamins and minerals are obtained from fruits. The most useful vegetable for the people of this type – avocado. It is also well rutabaga, pumpkin, radish.

Across 1-2 o’clock: cup of green tea

Across 2 o’clock: 1 a glass of buttermilk (200 ml) or 1 banana or .

Across 2 o’clock: 80 g meat otarnogo, fish or poultry or 1 egg + 1 small potato in a uniform or 1 tbsp rice + any vegetables.

Across 2 o’clock: cup of green tea.

Across 2 o’clock: a large portion of salad from any vegetables.

Sugar, fructose (juices, fruit), crops (flour, bread, pasta), alcohol, milk, dairy, that contain lactose (cream, cream, sweet curd, conc. milk, cotton, yogurt, green cheese, kamamber, cottage cheese), potatoes, rice, corn.

vegetable oil, butter, cream, sausages, avocado.

Cocoa, coffee, Black tea, green tea (almost neutral). Consumption of these products should be considered as a separate meal.

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